A Mother’s pain.

Oh Devaki, Queen of Vasudeva.
Mother of the most beautiful one.
How your heart must have sank in the wake of your son’s deaths.
Child after child, taken by the dreadful Kamsa,
Innocents who did not deserve their fate.
Child after child not knowing what to do,
until one day He came.

He is Lord Vishnu; Narayana on earth.
One day he will be your liberator.
But until that day,
Your baby boy must go away.
Across the river He will leave,
guided by Adi-Shesha.
Raised by another, until you are free.
Until then, cry your tears of pain and joy,
Awaiting His return.

Blessed Mary, Queen of Heaven,
What a joy it is to hold God in your arms.
But also what pain it must be,
to know what will befall Him.
You know what must happen,
for humanity to be rejoined with Him,
But the pain still remains.

Continue to hold Him.
Love Him and protect Him.
One day He will feed the people,
and preach the Kingdom of God to all.
He will be hated, despised, loved and admired.
A victim, a leader, the one who will lead all.
As you hold Him now, so shall you at the foot of the cross.
Cry, oh most Holy Lady,
The sorrows for Your son running down your face.

      Photo via Google                                            Photo by me taken at Socorro Mission

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